The more you travel,
The more you are rewarded for you loyalty

Your completely free loyalty program



Travel & win
It's very simple: you ear e-smiles by flying with us.



Smile; you are rewarded
Redeem your e-smiles for free flights ("award tickets") to the destination of your choosing.



Reach the next level
On our three-level scale program, your status is defined by the frequency of your flights.


  Entry threshold Offered e-smiles Bonus e-smiles
per flight
Baggage allowance
(award tickets)
Level 1: GREEN Upon program entry - - 23kg – 1 piece
Level 2: GOLD From 30,000 e-smiles / year 5,000 + 10% 30kg – 1 piece
Level 3: PREMIUM From 60,000 e-smiles / year 10,000 + 20% 32kg – 2 pieces


Join now
Fill in the online form and receive your frequent flyer card.
Earn e-smiles
Specify your frequent flyer number every time you make a reservation or check in.
Use your e-smiles
Manage your account online and when you reach the required mileage amount, order an "award ticket".