Nos vols à destination et au départ de Saint Barthélémy débutent le 01/07/24. Nos vols à destination et au départ de Pointe à pitre , Fort de France et Saint Martin Grand Case, débuteront le 15/07/24.

Passenger Info

Prior to departure, we recommend checking entry and exit procedures with your destination or transit country’s embassy or consulate as applicable. 
All required documents should be valid and in your possession: identity card, passport, biometric passport, visa…
Passengers alone can be held accountable for checking document requirements and validity according to current laws and regulations — and for renewing them in due time if need be. 

Underage passengers

All underage passengers (younger than 18) must have a personal ID in their possession: ID card, passport or biometric passport depending on the destination.
Beware: family record books cannot be used as valid IDs.
All passengers under 12 (excluding UM services) must travel with their parents or a person with parental authority and older than 18.
Child and adult must travel in the same cabin.
One adult cannot travel with more than one child under 2 years old. 

UM passengers

Subscription to UM services is mandatory for children 5 to 12 years old travelling alone, and is available only to children older than 5.
The names and phone contact info of the adults dropping off and picking up the child upon flight departure and arrival must be specified at the time of booking.
UM reservations cannot be made online as a flight quota applies that requires special approval of the company.

Pregnant passengers

Pregnant passengers may travel without restrictions until their 7th month into the pregnancy. 
As of the 8th month, they must hold a medical certificate attesting their ability to travel, established by their primary care physician. Pregnant women may not travel on our lines during their last month of pregnancy. 

Check-in and Airport processing times

To enjoy a peaceful check-in and smooth security checkpoint experience, make sure to arrive at the airport early enough, depending on your destination. 
Check-in deadlines vary depending on the airport and the destination (even within the same airport).

 The Air Antilles check-in deadline is 30 min except for the following flights: 
60 min for flights departing from St-Martin Juliana (SXM),
45 min for flights to/from Cayenne (CAY),
45 min for flights to San Juan (SJU),
1h for flights departing from San Juan (SJU).

You alone are accountable for checking and abiding by the relevant deadline — otherwise your reservations may get cancelled.
To save time and enjoy a serene journey, we recommend online check-in. 

The Air Antilles staff or our authorised agents will provide you with all relevant details on your first flight with us. If your journey involves further flights, you should check with us or our authorised agents which check-in deadlines might apply.  

You must show at the boarding gate no later than the time specified at check-in. If you do not make it at the boarding gate by that time, the airline may cancel your reservation, deny boarding and cancel the return part of your ticket. The airline cannot be held accountable for any loss, damage or charge induced by your failure to abide by these regulations. Be sure to respect the boarding end time, beyond which boarding will be denied: 20 minutes prior to departure for all of our flights.
If you do not make it in time to check-in or boarding, or if you are missing the required travel documents and are therefore unable to travel, the airline will be entitled to cancel your reservation and give away your seat.

Baggage policy

Our airline identifies 3 distinct baggage categories: carry-on, checked and special baggage (oversized, sports equipment, pets…). Each baggage category must honour specific content, size and weight criteria. To know more about our baggage policy, please download the file below.

Carry-on luggage

The carry-on allowance is 11 lb. Carry-on dimensions must not exceed 21x11x7.8 in (height/width/depth). No excess weight allowed for carry-on luggage.

Checked baggage

The COOL, FLEX and SUPER fares include, free of any additional charge, a 50 lb baggage allowance. The allowance is specified on the ticket. 
BEST fares do not include any checked baggage allowance: passengers may purchase, while booking their ticket, a 50 lb baggage allowance for a €25 flat fee in each direction. On the day of departure, the flat rate will be €25 per direction. 
Beyond that allowance, passengers will be required to pay for extra and special luggage.
The baggage allowance for children under 2 (seatless passengers) includes:
1 carry-on bag
1 checked baggage (22 lb max.)
1 checked folding stroller (buggy) or car seat.

Additional baggage allowance for people with disabilities or reduced mobility (in addition to their fare-based baggage allowance):
1 personal mobility device (wheelchair, electric scooter, etc.).

NB: FREIGHT transport for unaccompanied baggage or goods. For details, get in touch with our FREIGHT department: Contact us.

For flights operated by Air France, please refer to our partner’s baggage policy:

*    The baggage allowance refers to the baggage weight and volume that may be carried for free. Baggage allowance varies according to the passenger’s destination and travel class.

Quality of service is at the heart of Air Antilles' priorities.

To ensure an optimal baggage delivery service, an embargo has been put in place on flights to and from Santo Domingo (SDQ) and San Martin (SFG):

During the Caribbean school holiday periods, dates defined below, the free baggage allowance is limited to a single piece of checked baggage (23kg) in addition to the cabin baggage (5kg maximum).

From 16 December 2019 to 15 January 2020
From February 10, 2020 to March 04, 2020
From March 30, 2020 to April 22, 2020
From June 15, 2020 to September 13, 2020
From 26 October 2020 to 08 November 2020
From December 14, 2020 to January 08, 2021

This embargo does not apply to passengers with e-coupon tickets.


Online check-in

To save time and travel peacefully, we recommend online check-in.
Online check-in allows you to confirm your presence on the selected flight and get your boarding pass. This online option is available to you until the applicable check-in deadline. 
To  check-in online, all you have to do is follow a few simple steps:
Click on the “Check-in” button on top of our website’s homepage.
Fill in the required fields with your name and file number.
Select the flight you wish to check-in for as well as all passengers involved.
Pick a way to get your boarding pass: direct printing or e-mail.
Once at the airport, all you have to do is drop off your bagage at the “Drop-off” desk before the check-in deadline and head towards your flight’s boarding gate.
Find out about the baggage allowance scale as well as extra / special luggage fees.

Dangerous goods

For all passengers’ safety, certain goods are prohibited on board or regulated as cargo and/or carry-on luggage on Air Antilles flights. If need be, they may be confiscated at security checkpoints.
Import of perishable goods such as food items, plants etc. may be prohibited or strictly regulated depending on the destination.

Carry-on baggage prohibited items

Cold weapons and any sharp or blunt object that may be used as a weapon (ie. nail scissors, razor blades…).
Fire weapons and ammunition.
NB: cold weapons, fire weapons and ammunition may be allowed as checked baggage upon notification at the time of booking your flight and in compliance with the destination country’s police and customs regulations.
Any liquid and perfume above 3.3 oz per container.
Checked baggage prohibited items

Dive lights (disconnected battery and/or lightbulb)
Electronic cigarettes and additional batteries. 
Checked/carry-on baggage prohibited items

Matches, lighters and fuel.
Printer cartridge.
Electrolyte batteries.
Lithium batteries above 160 wh.
Segways and electric unicyles (regardless of whether the battery is dismantled or not) as well as associated electric devices (hoverboards, skateboards, scooters, etc.).
Fireworks, firecrackers, (distress) flares, fake pistols, firelighters, tear gas.
Camping stoves, gas tanks, oxygen cylinders.
Paint, polish, lacquer.
Toxic and infectious substances as well as radioactive materials.
Chemicals, fertiliser, herbicides, pesticides, insecticides.
Remover, bleach, chlorine.
Flammable liquids such as fuel, diluent, solvent, acetone.
Mercury thermometers and barometers.


No restrictions on:

Medication, drug materials and syringes required by your health condition and that can be justified by a prescription or medical certificate.
Foods required by your diet and without which you would not be able to travel (lactose and gluten intolerance for instance).
Infant and young children food and beverages (milk, milk powder, baby food jars…).

NB: FREIGHT transport for unaccompanied baggage or goods. To know more, get in touch with our FREIGHT department: Contact us

Carriage of pets

Wish to bring your pet along? Only dogs, cats and rodents are allowed to board our company’s flights.

Carriage regulations

Pets allowed to fly as cargo: cats and dogs only.
Pets allowed to fly in cabin: cats and dogs as long as the container together with the pet do not exceed 13 lb — as well as rodents.
Carriage of pets under 8 weeks old as cargo is not allowed.
Carriage of first and second category dogs is strictly forbidden.
Carriage as cargo is allowed if the pet along with it its container do not exceed 66 lb.
Cats and dogs must be carried in an approved container or fibreglass crates. 
NB: FREIGHT transport is available for other pet categories and/or pet+container weighing over 66 lb. For further details, get in touch with our FREIGHT department: Contact us
Pet carriage regulations may vary depending on your departure and destination country. To check transport regulations and specific restrictions, it is crucial for you to book your reservation and your pet’s simultaneously .


Cats and dogs must have up to date vaccination certificates as well as an ID chip or tattoo.
They must have a European passport and a vaccination record.
For any travel outside of the EU, make sure to review ongoing regulations for the departure and destination countries (vaccination, quarantine, etc.).
It is not advised to sedate your pet as the combine effect of sedatives and height may be fatal to old or anxious animals.
Baggage allowances do not include carriage of pets as cargo, which falls under special baggage fees.
Find out about baggage allowances as well as extra/special luggage fees. (pdf) 

Passenger assistance

Air Antilles offers a number of services tailored to the needs of people with disabilities or reduced mobility, at the airport and on board.
For us to provide efficient support, it is crucial that you file your assistance request at the time of booking your flight, at least 48 hours prior to departure.
Reach out to our client advisors by dialling 0890 648 648.
They will assist you Monday to Friday from 8AM to 5PM and Saturday from 8AM to 12PM.
Local landline call rates - €0.35/min all charges included + cost of a local (cell-phone) call.
For your own safety, you should check whether you might need a travelling companion or medical clearance.

Travelling companion

Air Antilles may demand a travelling companion for any passenger whose severe disability prevents from comprehending or applying safety measures or take part to an emergency evacuation:
Individuals with severe intellectual impairment.
Individuals afflicted with both blindness and deafness.
Quadriplegic individuals.
Most paraplegic individuals and individuals with paralysis of the upper limbs may travel without a companion.

The travelling companion must fulfil the following criteria:
Being of age and autonomous
Not being in charge of an individual with a disability or reduced mobility along with a child under 4 years old or another person with a disability or reduced mobility.

Medical clearance

Medical clearance is required only in the following cases:
Stretcher or incubator transport.
Need for oxygen supply above 0.5 gal/min.
Passengers whose health may require medical assistance during the flight.

Additional baggage allowance for people with disabilities or reduced mobility:
2 personal mobility devices (wheelchair, electric scooter, Segway, etc.)
1 additional baggage to carry medical equipment (50 lb max.).


Prior to departure, we recommend you check customs procedures and duties applicable to different types of purchased goods, by getting in touch with your destination or transit country’s customs or consular authorities.
If applicable, all required documents must be valid and in your possession: health documents, customs declarations, etc.

Perishable goods

Import of perishable goods such as food, plants etc., may be forbidden or strictly regulated depending on the country. 

Animal products

Due to the risk of introducing infectious diseases, import of animal products to European Union member countries is forbidden or subject to extremely strict procedures.
Wild game meat transport is therefore strictly forbidden.
Any passenger failing to comply with these bans or restrictions may be prosecuted.


Import and export of counterfeit goods is a customs offence. Passengers found in possession of counterfeit goods may be fined up to €300.000 and jailed for up to 3 years.
Further details on: